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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Minecraft + Custom server + IRC

Xane.com now has a new server, The New Millennium! Well, it's not new, but it has new software and IRC! You can use Mibbit to access it too, by inputting the following information after clicking to input information manually:

IRC network: irc.epic-chat.net
Port (not needed in Mibbit): 6667
Channel: #minecraft-newmillennium

For IRC clients, you can sometimes just input this: irc.epic-chat.net#minecraft-newmillennium

Be sure the server's up before posting, or else people may not get the chat. Also, only talk about the topic indicated (usually about the server). If you have to talk about anything else, go to another more appropriate IRC channel. It's not here.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Custom Tileset: My New Super Mario Bros. Wii Tileset!

The 6 colors used.This is pretty awesome! I ported my NSMBW tileset to Super Mario World, with most of the tiles. It won't screw up any palettes, like layer 3 palettes, shared palettes, and unexpected palette colors. Merely 6 colors are used.
The comparison. The tileset on the Wii and SNES look practically alike! They are only different because of size differences. The Wii uses 24x24 blocks, while the SNES uses 16x16 (Map16).
Below are some screenshots of SMW's Mario, showing off the slopes and flats:

  • Xane_00004
  • Xane_00005
  • Xane_00006
 Download by clicking this post's title.

Friday, September 24, 2010

The Xane.com Wiki - News!

The Xane.com Wiki... Lame thing. I plan to do something useful and that'd be... Delete it. You guys might've been thinking of posting to it, and if so, I'm sorry, but it needs to go.

But, if you have a Wikia (http://wikia.com) account, (like me!) then you can see my Wikia wiki (soon). I bet you'll miss this short-lived wiki...

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